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Mining and Washing

Supplier of Silica Sand - Silica Sand Processing

PT. Bekah Abadi Sedaya (BAS) is a silica sand mining and silica sand processing company. Its customers are large manufacturers of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Block Producers, as well as Silica Boards in East Java, Central Java, and West Java.

With efficiency in mine management, processing and transportation, our prices are competitively low, making us one of the leaders in the business of mining and processing silica sand. The meticulous efficiency is a result of having a solid team who have years of experience in managing  in this field.

We are currently developing branches to produce Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks and panels, supported by HESS machines which are manufactured in the Netherlands. Enabling us to achieve the largest production capacity in Indonesia, with a production capacity of 1,500 m3 per day. The HESS production line will produce AAC Blocks automatically and efficiently. The HESS production line is known to have very good quality with the product reject rate below 1%.

The AAC factory location is strategically located in Sulang,  Rembang, Central Java. Large markets including Blora, Cepu, Bojonegoro, Purwodadi, Kudus, Demak, and Semarang all need a large supply AAC Blocks.

Silica Sand Processing

Guaranteed Quality and Quantity Control

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High Quality Silica Sand

Hi Grade Product

Silica sand produced from the mine owned by PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS) has high silica content reaching up to 99 percent (99%).

The mine that is owned, is the chosen mine chosen by renowned geologists whom have decades of experience and the mined raw materials are all raw materials required by PT Semen Indonesia.

The silica sand produced by PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS) is thoroughly sought after by many factories for the production of AAC Blocks, as well as Silica Boards.
Silica sand marketing area owned by PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS) include factories using silica sand from Central Java to West Java.

Silica Sand Washing

Environmental Friendly

The silica sand processing plants owned by PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS), prioritise efficiency, quality and quantity.

With the right processing and washing machines owned by PT. Berkah Abadi Sedaya (BAS) has a guaranteed quality and quantity that is reliable for the production needs of factories.

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